Soft contact lenses "OK for nearsighted children"

Soft contact lenses "OK for nearsighted children"

Children"s eyesight is not put at risk by wearing contact lenses, a study has confirmed.

The Ohio State University College of Optometry investigators mainly used Johnson and Johnson"s 1 Day Acuvue contact lenses and also glasses to determine whether contact lens use encouraged myopia progression - also known as myopic creep.

Almost 500 children aged between eight and 11 took part in the study, which concluded there is no clinically meaningful difference between the two forms of vision correction for the treatment of nearsightedness.

Jeffrey Walline from the university, lead investigator of the Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision Empowerment study, said: "Children as young as eight years old who require vision correction are capable of contact lens wear and this study confirms that they can safely be fit in soft contact lenses to correct their myopia."

Children are suited to wearing contact lenses if they can demonstrate their commitment to following the right procedures for using them - including washing their hands before touching them.

by Martin Burns

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