Laser surgery can treat symptoms of injury

Laser surgery can treat symptoms of injury

Laser treatment is now also being used to repair the damage done to eyes by infections such as conjunctivitis or injury.

One woman told the Daily Mail about her successful eye surgery and how a bad case of conjunctivitis almost ruined her eyesight forever.

Marjory Clark had been prescribed steroid eye drops by her GP and also a specialist for the infection but it did not clear up

After some weeks another specialist confirmed her eyes had been scarred and long-term use of steroids could cause cataracts, so recommended laser eye surgery to burn off the scar tissue.

While she described the smell of "burning flesh" during the procedure, there was no pain and she was fitted with soft contact lenses for a short time.

"Two weeks later, everything looked much clearer - I could see bits of fluff on the carpet and finger marks on the walls," she told the Daily Mail.

"By the time I saw [the specialist] three weeks after the operation, I could even see the hairs on my arms."

Contact lenses wearers can be susceptible to conjunctivitis if they do not follow hygiene guidelines as recommended by their optician or the lens manufacturers.

by Adrian Galbreth

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