Halloween contact lenses "must be official purchases"

Halloween contact lenses "must be official purchases"

By Emily Tait

People purchasing coloured contact lenses in order to spice up their Halloween costume this year will find that they are an excellent addition to the outfit, but must be chosen carefully.

That is the advice being issued by contact lens specialist Trina Vanaalst, who told 660 News that although there are many different types of coloured contacts lenses on the market, it is easy to opt for an unofficial supplier and consequentially experience problems after wearing them.

She pointed out that most people would not even realise they had developed a problem, because the majority of issues only show up on a microscope.

The expert added that the best course of action is to only buy from a reputable seller and make sure the products are official before wearing them.

Meanwhile, according to the Body Jewellery Shop, coloured contact lenses have risen in popularity in recent times thanks to the wider range of designs and this is likely to continue thanks to the exploits of Stephenie Meyer's characters on the big screen.

by Emily Tait

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