Imitating Lady Gaga look "could be dangerous"

Imitating Lady Gaga look "could be dangerous"

By Emily Tait

Imitating the "doe-eyed" look sported by Lady Gaga in the video for her single Bad Romance could potentially be dangerous, it has been warned.

Amy Zguta, a board certified ophthalmologist with Agnesian HealthCare's Fond du Lac Regional Clinic, told an FDL Reporter, that emulating Lady Gaga can be damaging because her eyes were actually digitally altered for the video and not achieved by wearing contact lenses.

However, there are several types "circle lenses" on the market which can help people to achieve the look and the expert pointed out that this is where problems can occur if people do not purchase official products.

"The lenses have their risks, They can restrict peripheral vision and may alter colour perception. They may also cause severe complications, like pain, redness and a change in vision, even after the lenses are removed," she told the source.

Recently Dr Thomas Steinemann, professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said that many people believe that some lenses do not require the same level of care or consideration because they can be purchased on the internet.

by Emily Tait

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