Low blood pressure "may lead to glaucoma"

Low blood pressure "may lead to glaucoma"

Having low diastolic blood pressure may be a risk factor for glaucoma in people suffering from migraine, a new report has suggested.

Dr Yury Astakhov, of Pavlov Medical University, St Petersburg, studied how blood pressure levels may be related to the development of glaucoma in people who suffer from migraine.

As understanding such effects is important for doctors in determining how to treat patients with multiple diseases, and migraine is a known risk factor for open-angle glaucoma, the team compared day and night-time systolic and diastolic blood pressures in 12 patients who had migraine and glaucoma against 16 patients with migraine but no glaucoma.

The significant difference was in night-time diastolic pressure - migraine patients with glaucoma had excessive decreases in their diastolic pressure levels.

"We conclude that low diastolic blood pressure at night is a possible risk factor for glaucoma in patients with migraine," Dr Astakhov concluded.

It comes after specialists at the University of Western Ontario discovered there is a causal link between enhanced visual abilities and reorganisation of the part of the brain that usually handles auditory input in congenitally deaf cats. 

by Martin Burns

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