Contact lenses "are perfectly safe with a prescription"

Contact lenses "are perfectly safe with a prescription"

People looking to invest in coloured contact lenses this year will find that they are perfectly safe as long as they have been fitted and prescribed by a professional, it has been claimed.

Dr Terry Blair, an optometrist with the University Vision Centre in West El Paso, told ABC-7 that there is nothing wrong with wearing decorative contact lenses as long as people purchase them from a reputable company.

"Everyone"s cornea is not the same size, not the same shape. You"re just taking a chance, you"re playing Russian roulette. Some get bacterial eye infections and if they are not treated properly they can lead to a corneal ulcer," he said.

The advice is similar to that being issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, which recently warned people about the potential effects of wearing unofficial contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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