Contact lenses "drastically enhance your vision"

Contact lenses "drastically enhance your vision"

By Alexa Kaczka

People looking to enhance their eyesight without the need to wear glasses will find that contact lenses can make a "drastic" difference to their vision.

That is the opinion voiced in a post on Daily Thoughts Online, which noted that contact lens wearers benefit from all the perks of wearing glasses without the need to carry them around.

Contact lens wearers can also take part in physical activities from which glasses wearers may be prohibited, the source added.

As there are also many ways to purchase contact lenses, such as online, it is more convenient to have them delivered, particularly as people with prescriptions can have batches of the products delivered when they are close to running out.

"You will get a fantastic price, without travel or waiting in line needed to get your contact lenses when you need them," the source stated.

Meanwhile, Dr Christine Sindt, chair of the American Optometric Association's contact lens and cornea section, recently said that contact lenses are a safe and effective form of vision enhancement when stored and handled correctly.

by Martin Burns

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