Study: Sore and itchy eyes affecting sleep

Study: Sore and itchy eyes affecting sleep

By Adrian Galbreth

Itchy and sore eyes have been responsible for almost half of people getting a poor night's sleep, a new survey has revealed.

According to a Rohto study, 44 per cent of people said that sore, itchy, gritty or dry eyes had stopped them from getting a good night's sleep, with 27 per cent of people having bad nights at least once a week and 37 per cent at least once a month.

Of these people, the most common effect of dry eyes was not being able to use a computer, followed by having to avoid reading.

Having to avoid areas where people smoke and feeling more short-tempered and grumpy were also detrimental effects of having itchy or sore eyes.

The survey was released as the company released its Rohto Dry Eye Relief, which it claims can repair the eye's surface as well as relieving the symptoms of dry eyes.

by Emily Tait

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