Coloured contact lenses spice up Strictly Come Dancing

Coloured contact lenses spice up Strictly Come Dancing

By Emily Tait

Coloured contact lenses helped to spice up a routine on Strictly Come Dancing last weekend, with one of the dancers using them as part of his Halloween outfit.

James Jordan, whose partner on the show is Pamela Stephenson, wore red coloured contact lenses during his jive with the actress and writer and capped off the outfit with a pair of false vampire fangs.

Their routine was applauded by the judges, particularly as they went to town with the outfits, with the pair scoring 27 points overall and managing to stay in the competition the following evening after public voting.

The dancer was one of thousands of people to wear coloured contact lenses over the weekend as people invested in the products in order to complement their Halloween outfits.

Before the event, experts warned that anyone purchasing the products should do so from an official supplier, however, to reduce the risk of infection from ill-fitting or illegal lenses.

by Adrian Galbreth

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