Perfect contact lenses "a distinct possibility"

Perfect contact lenses "a distinct possibility"

The creation of new contact lenses which could help to provide people with perfect vision is now a distinct possibility, according to researchers from St Andrews University.

Specialists at the facility have developed a new technique which involves separating the meta-atoms from the substrate they are constructed on and stacking them together to create a flexible material, called Meta-flex, which is almost invisible.

As well as the potential to create an invisibility cloak such as the one worn by Harry Potter, it is entirely possible the technique could be applied to the development of contact lenses, says Dr Andrea Di Falco, who led the research.

"It could be possible to use Meta-flex for creating smart fabrics placed on disposable contact lenses to create super lenses that could further enhance vision. These perfect lenses would have no deficiencies," he added.

In other research, Topcon"s new high resolution Fundus camera has been approved by the English National Screening Program for Diabetic Screening for use as a national screening device for diabetic retinopathy.

by Martin Burns

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