Eye implants "make blind people see"

Eye implants "make blind people see"

A radical new type of eye implant may enable blind people to see, experts have suggested.

According to a report published by the Royal Society in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, German researchers have developed a retinal implant that enables blind people to see shapes and objects.

The breakthrough study only included three people but each was able to see shapes and objects within three days of the implant being installed.

Dr Eberhart Zrenner, director and chairman of the University of Tuebingen Eye Hospital, commented: "The results of this pilot study provide strong evidence that the visual functions of patients blinded by a hereditary retinal dystrophy can, in principle, be restored to a degree sufficient for use in daily life."

Also recently, experts led by Dr Janey Wiggs at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary said that screening could help to catch glaucoma early on so patients can be tracked and treated in time to save their sight.

by Emily Tait

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