Contact lens wearers given eyecare tips

Contact lens wearers given eyecare tips

People who wear contact lenses have been given some eyecare tips to ensure they stay safe when handling and using the products.

The Huron Daily Tribune published a list of tips which wearers should follow when storing contact lenses, such as ensuring the manufacturer"s instructions for disinfection are followed and also disposing of lenses which are only intended for daily use.

One of the best ways to avoid infection may be to ensure the products are purchased from an authorised supplier and are prescribed, the newspaper also suggested.

"Get an eye exam from a licensed eyecare professional, even if you feel your vision is perfect, get a valid prescription that includes the brand and lens dimensions and buy the lenses from a professional vendor," it advised.

Contact lens wearers should also ensure that they wash their hands before and after handling the products, the source advised.

Recently, Dr Troy Bedinghaus, a board-certified optometric physician, told About.com that contact lenses will pose no danger to the eyes as long as they are official and handled and stored correctly.

by Martin Burns

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