Laser eye surgery "can improve your golf skills"

Laser eye surgery "can improve your golf skills"

People finding that their golf game is deteriorating as a result of poor vision may find that laser eye surgery is the solution to their problem, it has been claimed.

Mike Norrish, writing for the Daily Telegraph, said that many golfers have undergone laser eye surgery and seen an improvement in their game, with professionals such as major winner Retief Goosen extolling the virtues of the procedure.

According to the writer, who himself has undergone laser eye surgery, reading the greens, judging the distance to the flag and tackling harsh weather are all made more difficult when vision is poor.

"Professional golfers usually claim the most dramatic differences exhibit themselves on the greens, when the ability to read the grain of a putting surface is so vital," Mr Norrish noted.

Recently, an article published on 24-7pressrelease.com stated that doctors and dentists in particular could also enhance their way of life and the ease of their job by undergoing LASIK laser eye surgery.

by Alexa Kaczka

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