Contact lenses "can be worn by children"

Contact lenses "can be worn by children"

Contact lenses are not only suitable for children, but can have positive impact on their lives, one expert has commented.

Responding to a question from a reader of the Post Bulletin, Dr Amir Khan from the ophthalmology department at the Mayo Clinic, said that 11 years old is a "reasonable age" to start wearing contact lenses.

The reader said that her son had worn glasses for three years and wanted to make the change to contact lenses - something Dr Khan said is understandable given that many youngsters find that taking part in sport is hampered when wearing glasses.

He wrote in the newspaper: "But it"s an individual consideration that needs to take into account the child"s level of responsibility and how motivated he is to have contacts."

As long as the child is aware of the responsibility of wearing contact lenses, they should be fine to use the products, he concluded.

Recently, Dr Thomas Steinemann, professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said that it is vital that any contact lenses people wear have been prescribed by professionals and have been properly fitted.

by Martin Burns

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