Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

Female contact lens wearers have been issued with some advice on which makeup to wear to accentuate their eyes.

According to film and television makeup artist Tracy Ewell, paying attention to the eyes can help to give the illusion that people are well rested, even if they are feeling tired.

She told Nola.com that curlers and mascara can help women to "work their lashes" and look their best at all times.

"The upward sweep of curled lashes makes you look younger and more rested. It"s something easy to do that makes a subtle change in your appearance," the expert said.

She added that, as women get older, their eyelids are pushed downwards slightly and can affect the lashes, but these tips can help to combat this issue.

It comes after Denise Baptiste recently told One India that women should learn how to master the smoky-eyed makeup technique, as this will never go out of fashion.

by Adrian Galbreth

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