Contact lens wearers given safety advice

Contact lens wearers given safety advice

People who wear contact lenses have been issued with safety advice by one expert who said that the products are perfectly safe as long as people follow manufacturer instructions.

Dr Teresa Theobald, a Duluth optometrist, told Good Morning Northland that there can be a fine line between the use and misuse of contact lenses and it is important to bear certain things in mind.

The expert said that there are four key points people need to remember when it comes to caring for your eyes, with personal hygiene being one.

Washing hands is important both before and after use, she noted, adding that proper storage is another key point to avoid contamination.

Timely disposal and replacement is essential, while undergoing regular eye exams to ensure prescriptions are correct is the final point she made.

Recently, the Huron Daily Tribune published a list of tips which wearers should follow when storing contact lenses, such as ensuring the manufacturer"s instructions for disinfection are followed and also disposing of lenses which are only intended for daily use.

by Alexa Kaczka

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