Coloured contact lens wearers given style tips

Coloured contact lens wearers given style tips

Fair-skinned people looking to purchase coloured contact lenses have been given some style tips on how to choose the right products to match their skin tone.

Denise Baptiste, writing for One India, said that fair people with green eyes should opt for a "dramatic" colour change of pacific blue, as this can enhance the tone of the eyes and vibrancy of the iris.

For blue-eyed contact lens wearers with a light skin tone, she advised choosing hazel green or warm honey, although a pacific blue lens can look more natural.

Meanwhile, fair brown-eyed people can get a "blown out" look if they choose jade green or warm honey, as these will blend well with this type of skin tone.

Ms Baptiste added: "Make sure that when you are choosing coloured contact lenses [you] do not sport bright contact lenses that will scare another person off."

Recently, the Huron Daily Tribune published a list of tips which wearers should follow when storing contact lenses, such as ensuring the manufacturer"s instructions for disinfection are followed and also disposing of lenses which are only intended for daily use.

by Emily Tait

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