Young contact lens wearers offered safety advice

Young contact lens wearers offered safety advice

Young people who wear contact lenses have been offered safety advice in a bid to prevent infections.

Seattle Children"s paediatric ophthalmologist Dr Francine Baran told King5.com that, as an increasing number of children and teens are beginning to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, it is very important that they are aware of safety procedures.

She explained that following manufacturer instructions and having a set daily routine can help to prevent problems developing, and advised girls to be very careful when it comes to wearing eye makeup.

"Many of these mascaras, eye creams, and eyeliners, they don"t have any preservatives in there. It"s just an incubator for bacteria," she told the news provider.

Recent eye safety advice was issued by Dr Teresa Theobald, a Duluth optometrist, who told Good Morning Northland that there can be a fine line between the use and misuse of contact lenses and it is important to bear certain things in mind, such as hygiene.

by Adrian Galbreth

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