Coloured contact lenses "a good way to dress up"

Coloured contact lenses "a good way to dress up"

People in search of a way to enhance their appearance on a night out will find that coloured contact lenses can do the trick, one sector source has noted.

Preet Paul Singh of Delhi-based Paul Opticals, told the Times of India that the demand for coloured contact lenses is increasing as people realise how they can transform their appearance, with young women in particular opting for the products.

"With girls becoming more fashion-conscious, they want to look attractive wherever they go and coloured contact lenses dramatically change the look. That is why these have become a much sought after fashion accessory," he explained.

Mr Singh also told the news provider that coloured lenses can help people to look more attractive and feel more confident.

Recently, an article on One India by Denise Baptiste said that brown coloured contact lenses are a great choice for people with dark or medium skin tones, as they not only look natural but can complement hair colour and other features.

by Alexa Kaczka

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