Pioneering operation helps save tennis player"s sight

Pioneering operation helps save tennis player"s sight

A tennis enthusiast has expressed her relief at not having to give up the sport after undergoing a pioneering operation to save her sight.

Margaret Withers, from Knutsford, was diagnosed with cataracts two years ago and feared that she would have to give up playing tennis, which she usually did while wearing contact lenses, the Knutsford Guardian reported.

However, the 57-year-old underwent a new type of treatment in the US which involves replacing the eye"s own lens with a multifocal one which allows people to see objects that are both near and far without the need for vision correction.

She told the newspaper of her delight at being able to continue with her hobby: "I had my reservations but I knew this treatment was the right thing to do. Playing tennis has never been more fun. With my perfect vision I feel like a young girl again."


by Martin Burns

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