Women "shop better" than men

Women "shop better" than men

Women know the difference between a bargain and a rip-off, which means they spend less while shopping more often, according to a financial expert.

David Kuo, the head of personal finance at the Motley Fool website, said women"s experience on the high street and the internet meant they got "good value".

That females fritter money on shopping trips was an unfortunate stereotype, he added.

"When you do see a bargain then it is actually a good idea to go out and buy, because you know you will need it at some later stage," Mr Kuo said.

"[A woman] probably buys much better value-for-money products than the man will."

Recent research by women"s fashion and celebrity magazine Grazia found women who are monitoring their household budgets tend to do a lot of research on the internet before making a purchase.

Contact lenses - including brand named products such as Freshlook Colours and Crystal 1 Day- are available to buy more cheaply online than from the high street.

In addition, buying more than one pack at a time can attract further savings.

by Martin Burns

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