Lash conditioners "can help contact lens wearers"

Lash conditioners "can help contact lens wearers"

Female contact lens wearers can help to maintain their eyelashes by investing in special conditioners, one beauty expert has recommended.

Wendy Lewis, writing for Health News Digest, pointed out that lashes can thin with age and also take lot of abuse from rubbing, makeup and contact lens application, so it is important to invest in a good conditioner which can help to maintain them.

She advised: "One of the best is Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel that contains pure botanical ingredients to keep your lashes in optimum shape. It is a clear gel that is applied with a simple wand at night-time or under your mascara."

Ms Lewis also recommended prescription-only lash grower Latisse, which is applied daily to make lashes longer, thicker and darker.

For best results, the expert advised people to clean their eyelashes and make sure that the lash line is free of makeup, mascara and residue, while also maintaining consistency when applying the product.

Recent beauty advice was provided in article on One India by Denise Baptiste, who said that brown coloured contact lenses are a great choice for people with dark or medium skin tones, as they not only look natural but can complement hair colour and other features.

by Martin Burns

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