Bifocal implants "better than glasses"

Bifocal implants "better than glasses"

A patient who has bifocal implants has spoken about how they have enabled him to see clearly for the first time in his life, without the need for glasses.

Chris Robinson told the Daily Express that his astigmatism caused by misshapen corneas has affected him since childhood and came to a head one day in the gym when a weight hit him in the face because his vision was blurry.

He decided to undergo a procedure to have Lentis Mplustoric implants fitted in both eyes, which involved removing his natural lenses through ultrasound treatment and implanting the acrylic lenses through injection.

"I first noticed colours were much more vivid and small print jumped off the page. I couldn"t believe it and now realise that before the treatment I hadn"t been able to see properly since childhood and I"d been living my adult life in a blur," Mr Robinson explained.

Recently, tennis enthusiast Margaret Withers, from Knutsford, expressed her relief at not having to give up the sport after undergoing a pioneering operation in the US to save her sight.

by Martin Burns

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