Johnson and Johnson Launch a new concept in Contact Lenses

Johnson and Johnson Launch a new concept in Contact Lenses

The contact lens manufacturer Johnson and Johnson have introduced a new concept in contact lenses to their range.

1-Day Acuvue Define contact lenses are available in two versions- Sparkle and Shimmer- they are able to provide a greater depth, dimension and brightness to the wearers eyes.

J&J managing Director for the UK and Ireland, Dr David Hall, told the Optometry Today Journal that "Define is a revolutionary and innovative product which we believe provides the opportunity to bring a significant number of new patients into the contact lens category"

Dr Hall explained that it is important for practitioners and wearers alike to understand that Define is "not a coloured contact lens".

Unlike traditional coloured contact lenses, "Define is based on an iris-inspired design," he stressed, which is significantly different from the concept of a coloured lens where the pigmentation instantly changes the natural colour of the eye," he added.

Unlike coloured contact lenses, "Which have at times been negatively received because they haven"t always worked as well as people would have hoped," Mr Hall said, "Define is designed to Naturally enhance the natural beauty of the Iris and not cover it up.

by Martin Burns

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