Cosmetic contact lenses "must be official"

Cosmetic contact lenses "must be official"

By Emily Tait

People thinking of investing in decorative contact lenses as the party season approaches have been warned about the possible ramifications of investing in illegal products.

A post on 6ABC.com told the story of 15-year-old Brittany Alexander, who recently invested in coloured contact lenses in order to change the shade of their eyes to be like her friend.

However, she bought them at a local variety store rather than having them prescribed by an eyecare professional and soon developed problems arsing from the fact that they were unofficial products.

Dr Michael DellaVecchia from the Wills Eye Institute told the website that because the lenses were not an accurate fit, they scratched the girl's corneas.

"We're seeing very severe infections. We've had some infections which have gone on to corneal transplantations," he explained, advising any wearers to ensure the products are official and prescribed to avoid any problems.

Recently, former X Factor contestants Jedward sported new coloured contact lenses as the pop sensations promoted the latest game from Nintendo, Dragon Quest IX.

by Emily Tait

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