Increase in contact lens use "leads to more unofficial products"

Increase in contact lens use "leads to more unofficial products"

By Alexa Kaczka

The increase in the number of contact lenses being used worldwide has led to a boom in the number of bogus products entering the market, one authority has claimed.

According to the Malaysian Health Ministry, there has been a rise in instances of unofficial contact lenses being found and seized, and the authority advised any consumers or businesses to be extra wary of consignments, Bernama.com reported.

Health director-general Tan Sri Ismail Merican told the site that people should be especially careful when purchasing items through the internet and check to ensure the supplier is a legitimate one.

"Contact lenses sold to the public by unqualified individuals expose users to dangers and serious complications. In extreme cases, this may even lead to blindness," he warned.

Recently, a post on 6ABC.com warned that people thinking of investing in decorative contact lenses as the party season approaches should be wary of the possible ramifications of investing in illegal products.

by Emily Tait

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