Lasik surgery "pays for itself"

Lasik surgery "pays for itself"

By Alexa Kaczka

The cost of Lasik laser eye surgery will be recouped in just a few years, one expert has claimed.

Dr Joel Hunter, founder of Hunter Vision, a refractive eye surgery centre in Florida, said that people who undergo the procedure will soon find that they recoup the costs as they save money on buying vision correction products such as glasses.

"It's an investment in your health that not only improves your quality of life, but actually pays for itself over time," he noted.

The expert said that people will also save money on regular visits to the optician to have their prescription evaluated or changed, a further benefit of the procedure.

Recently, vision specialist Progressive Eye Care said that people who have tried vision correction solutions such as glasses but do not like the inconvenience of using the products will find that laser eye surgery is an effective and viable option.

by Emily Tait

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