Ice hockey player focuses on victory after eye surgery

Ice hockey player focuses on victory after eye surgery

By Alexa Kaczka

An ice hockey player has undergone laser eye surgery in a bid to improve his performance during matches.

According to 22-year-old South Yorkshireman Andrew Turner, he was having problems focusing during games and conventional vision correction was not as effective as it could be, so he opted to undergo Lasik laser eye surgery to solve the problem, the Star reported.

Turner, who plays for Sheffield Spartans, explained: "Swimming and going to the gym was a struggle and I just hated wearing glasses. I needed a change for the better."

Since the surgery, he says his life in general has improved and he is now able to devote 100 per cent of his attention to helping the team to victory.

Earlier this month, keen tennis player Margaret Withers told the Knutsford Guardian of how a pioneering vision operation in the US helped to save her sight and prevented cataracts from ruining her hobby.

by Martin Burns

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