New contact lenses "can cure dry eyes"

New contact lenses "can cure dry eyes"

A new type of contact lens has been developed which the creators claim can help to cure the symptoms of dry eyes.

According to specialists at Duke University in the US, the new lens is filled with fluid and works by moving over the cornea and landing on the white sclera of the eye, the Denver Channel reported.

Dr Jill Bryant, optometrist and medical director of contact lenses at Duke University, explained: "The vaulted section is filled with a sterile no preserved saline which acts as a liquid bandage to cushion the cornea."

The lenses can be worn throughout the day just like normal contacts but are larger than regular ones and can be custom made with or without vision correction.

Jamie Harwood, who has benefitted from the new lenses, told the Denver Channel: "I"m really myself again. It"s given me back my life."

Meanwhile, the creation of new contact lenses which could help to provide people with perfect vision is now a distinct possibility, according to researchers from St Andrews University who have invented an almost invisible material known as Meta-flex.

by Martin Burns

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