Contact lenses "a good remedy for astigmatism"

Contact lenses "a good remedy for astigmatism"

People with astigmatism may find that contact lenses are a more convenient way of controlling the problem than glasses, one source has suggested.

Contact lens expert William Gabriel, wiring for Article Online Directory, pointed out that, through an eye exam and the resulting prescription, it is possible for people to wear contact lenses which can help to control astigmatism, even if the condition varies in each eye.

He noted that gas permeable contact lenses are a popular treatment option for people who want contact lenses, although other options are available depending on the sensitivity and personal preference of the individual.

Mr Gabriel noted: "Astigmatism is often considered to be one of the most common as well as the most annoying eye problems. Fortunately, with some of the advances in technology over the last decade, there are now a variety of different contact lenses available."

Even young children can benefit from wearing contact lenses, according to Dr Amir Khan from the ophthalmology department at the Mayo Clinic, responding to a question from a reader of the Post Bulletin, who said that 11 years old is a "reasonable age" to start wearing contact lenses.

by Martin Burns

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