Buying contact lenses online "can save money"

Buying contact lenses online "can save money"

Consumers can help to cut the cost of buying contact lenses by purchasing the items online, one source has suggested.

An article in a national newspapper pointed out that wearers can make big savings by buying their contact lenses online, with retailers often having a wider choice as well as lower prices.

"Buy online for the best deals, as the cost of high street lenses can really make your eyes water. Our test of four high street opticians against four websites was an eye-opener, with internet savings of up to £100 for the same set of lenses," the newspaper stated.

It added that major savings can be made when purchasing products such as three-month Acuvue Moist or six-month Air Optix Aqua if buying online rather than in-store.

by Emily Tait

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