Contact lenses help American football player to improve

Contact lenses help American football player to improve

By Alexa Kaczka

Regularly wearing contact lenses has helped a veteran American football player to iron out the errors in his game.

Brent Celek, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, was having trouble holding onto the ball this season and had a few high-profile fumbles.

However, in an interview with the Times Herald he put the incidents down to not wearing his contact lenses regularly enough, as he was previously only wearing them on match days, rather than throughout the week.

"I started wearing contacts every day just to get my eyes used to them. Earlier all I would do is wear contacts during game day. And I kind of realised that you've got to do that in practice, too. That's really helped me," he told the newspaper.

Since then, Celek said his teammates have shown more confidence in him and he is hoping to make a significant contribution as they look to push up the NFC table.

Recently, Sheffield Spartans ice hockey player Andrew Turner told the Sheffield Star how he had helped to turn his form around by undergoing Lasik laser eye surgery to help him see the puck better during matches.

by Adrian Galbreth

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