Coloured contact lenses "can complete an outfit"

Coloured contact lenses "can complete an outfit"

By Emily Tait

Coloured contact lenses can become a key part of any outfit, even if the shade of the lens is unnatural, as evidenced in Australia recently.

The Mercury reported that Tasmania student Thomas Spaulding had bought a white suit to wear as the pupils at Montrose Bay High School Rosetta celebrated the end of year ten at Tattersalls Park last night (December 8th).

However, despite buying a purple tie to complement his white suit, Thomas said that he was not entirely satisfied with the outfit and sought to enhance it even further.

He told the news provider: "I've got green eyes, which didn't match the suit, so I bought the contact lenses to match."

Recently, a post on 6ABC.com warned that people thinking of investing in decorative contact lenses as the party season approaches need to be aware of the possible ramifications of investing in illegal products, such as eye infections.

by Martin Burns

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