Contact lens wearers "need to follow hygiene rules"

Contact lens wearers "need to follow hygiene rules"

It is important that people who use contact lenses follow manufacturer instructions and maintain the highest standards of hygiene when handling and wearing the products, one expert has warned.

Ophthalmic surgeon Franco Mercieca told the Times of Malta about a recent case which involved a girl who developed an infection after wearing contact lenses and said it highlights the importance of having a strict daily regimen.

The expert added that few people read contact lens instructions beforehand but it is vital to do so in order to familiarise themselves with proper practice.

He told the publication: "I"m not saying don"t wear contact lenses but it"s important to follow an aseptic technique and it"s best to use dailies to avoid any problems that may arise from preservation."

Recently, Sara Ward, an optometrist and contact lens practitioner, told Wales Online that it is particularly important to follow a hygienic eyecare regime at all times to prevent infection.

by Martin Burns

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