Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

Women who wear contact lenses have been offered a number of makeup tips to ensure they look their best this festive period without harming their vision.

In an article on Coffee Today, a writer named Stefani advised people to insert contact lenses before they apply any makeup, particularly eyeliner.

This will reduce the chances of the makeup coming into contact with the lens, she explained.

She also reminded women to remove their contact lenses before bed, and do so before they remove any makeup so eyeliner and mascara are not rubbed into the eyes.

"When you"ve completed your activities, be sure to remove contact lenses, especially at night. After the lens is out, remove the makeup on the eyes until they are really clean," the writer advised.

Recently Sara Ward, an optometrist and contact lens practitioner, told Wales Online that it is vital that people take adequate steps to protect their vision over holiday periods, as this is a time when the eyes take more punishment than normal.

by Martin Burns

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