Focus is on Air Optix

Focus is on Air Optix

Regular visits to the opticians - around once every two years - will conform for most people their vision is fine.

However, as some get older or if they already have an underlying eyesight issue, appointments can also mean a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Once the optician has assessed an individual"s needs and mapped the shape of the eye for the prescription, this can be used to buy contact lenses online.

People can also get advice on the right type of contact lens for them before they make their choice - there are many different products.

For example, take Air Optix Night&Day from Ciba Vision - an ultra-modern design of contact lens that allows more oxygen to permeate to the eye than some other designs.

These silicone hydrogel soft contacts are suitable for wear for 29 nights and 30 days before they need changing.

"They"re so comfortable, you might even forget you"re wearing them," states the company.

Ciba Vision also makes Freshlook Colours - tinted contacts for the fashion-conscious.

by Alexa Kaczka

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