Bleach warning for contact lens users

Bleach warning for contact lens users

The correct way to clean contact lenses has been highlighted by an incident in the US, after a man was arrested for soaking his wife"s lenses in bleach.

Craig Hasselbach has been accused of purposefully putting the harsh chemical into his estranged wife"s contact lens case via her contact lens solution.

Lisa Hasselbach placed one of the contact lenses in her left eye and immediately experienced pain.

She was taken to hospital complaining of throat irritation, headache and the pain in her left eye but has since been released.

Chemical contamination of contact lenses is serious and manufacturers even advise people not to go swimming while wearing them - pools contain low levels of chlorine bleach.

Tap water is also not appropriate for cleaning or rinsing lenses - the only way to effectively remove the build-up of proteins and ensure they are hygienic to wear is to use a brand name of contact lens solution.

by Emily Tait

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