Laser eye surgery "causes little discomfort"

Laser eye surgery "causes little discomfort"

People thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery to correct their vision have been informed that the procedure leaves them with little discomfort.

A post on KHSLTV.com noted that, immediately after laser eye surgery, patients may take a while to get used to stimuli such as bright light but eventually the sensation will wear off as they adjust.

"These effects will persist until the outer layer of the cornea grows back in a few weeks. It sometimes helps to wear non-prescription sunglasses during this recovery period," the source suggested.

It added that another possible temporary side effect of the recovery process is blurry vision when people try to focus on objects which are close, but this is normal.

Recently, a writer on the Seer Press website noted that laser eye surgery is a great way to gain 20/20 vision and can help to eliminate the need for other forms of vision correction, such as glasses.

by Martin Burns

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