Hybrid lenses benefit keratoconus patients

Hybrid lenses benefit keratoconus patients

By Adrian Galbreth

Hope has been offered to patients suffering from the eye condition keratoconus in the form of hybrid contact lenses.

The ClearKone hybrid contact lens has been developed by SynergEyes and helps to correct blurred and distorted vision, a common symptom of keratoconus, which affects one in every 1,000 people.

This Christmas, the company is demonstrating the effectiveness of the lenses by handing out free fittings to people suffering from the condition, including nursing student Cassidy Randle, whose hopes of following the career were dashed when she went almost blind in one eye.

"When I tried on the lenses for the first time I knew the difference in my vision was going to be life-changing," she stated.

Meanwhile, a writer on the Seer Press website recently noted that laser eye surgery is the way to gain 20/20 vision and can help to eliminate the need for other forms of vision correction, such as glasses.

by Martin Burns

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