Eye infections "are rare" among contact lens users

Eye infections "are rare" among contact lens users

It is rare for contact lens users to suffer from infections and injuries due to wearing the products, and this is generally only because they have not followed hygiene rules, one source has asserted.

According to a post on NewsMax.com, scare stories about eye infections have put some people off contact lenses, but this does not have to be the case, as they will probably suffer no consequences whatsoever as long as the manufacturer"s instructions are adhered to.

"Just like any other accessory that we use, lack of proper hygiene and an improper or careless cleaning routine can lead to infection. Many people do not bother educating themselves on the correct usage and care of contact lenses," it said.

The source added that following the advice of the eyecare professional who prescribed the lenses will also help to minimise problems.

Recently, a post on the Popular Hobbies blog pointed out that people may be putting their vision at risk by not purchasing official products, as there is no guarantee that the lenses fit properly.

by Emily Tait

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