Young contact lens wearers "need to be responsible"

Young contact lens wearers "need to be responsible"

It is not a risk for young people to wear contact lenses, as long as they are responsible individuals who can stick to a daily routine, it has been claimed.

Barbara Aalbers, from St John"s Mercy Eye Care-Ballas, told STL Today that children are now wearing contact lenses at a younger age than ever, which is fine as long as they are aware of how to maintain and handle the products.

"With proper care, children are not more at risk than adults. Certain behaviours, such as not following contact lens replacement and wearing schedules, can increase the risk to the eye"s health," she explained.

However, the expert noted that in many cases children may be better at following a daily regimen than adults because they are less likely to re-interpret the rules.

Within a recent list of contact lens myths compiled by NewsMax.com, the website pointed out that a key reason why many children do not wear lenses is that their parents consider them irresponsible or not yet mature enough to deal with the responsibility of them, but this is often not the case.

by Emily Tait

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