Good eyesight "essential" on the roads

Good eyesight "essential" on the roads

It is vital that car drivers are wearing forms of vision correction if they require them, one source has stated.

According to road safety group GEM Motoring Assist, one of the key precautions people can take to safeguard themselves is by wearing any prescription glasses or contact lenses, as driving enhances the need for good vision even further.

"It is essential when driving that you are able to see everything on the road and therefore all drivers must ensure they get their eyesight checked regularly by a professional," the source stated.

In Britain it is a legal requirement for motorists to ensure they are wearing glasses or lenses that have been prescribed, this could also avoid a hefty fine, the organisation noted.

In other safety advice, popular-hobbies.info recently said that coloured contact lenses should only be bought from a registered supplier after first being prescribed by an optician or other eye professional, such as an ophthalmologist.

by Emily Tait

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