Contact lens solution "an essential item"

Contact lens solution "an essential item"

It is vital that contact lens wearers purchase solution in order to store the products in the safest manner possible, according to one source.

Charlotte Ames, writing for wearecentralpa.com, said that solution can help to protect the lenses from everyday dirt and grime and is particularly vital for those who wear reusable contacts.

"There are many different brands to choose from. If one brand causes irritation, stop using it and try a different brand. Most importantly, do not use water, saliva or a homemade solution to clean your contacts. None of these will disinfect the lenses and you could end up with a nasty eye infection," she said.

As bacteria from the hands can also easily transfer into the eyes, it is vital to frequently wash the hands, she added.

Similar advice was recently contained in a post on the Times of India website, which pointed out that it is essential to follow manufacturer instructions when handling contact lenses, including washing hands thoroughly before use so no bacteria is allowed to transfer onto the lens.

by Emily Tait

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