Buying contact lenses online "can save hundreds"

Buying contact lenses online "can save hundreds"

By Alexa Kaczka

British consumers are potentially wasting hundreds of pounds a year by buying contact lenses on the high street rather than looking online for bargains, one source has stated.

According to research conducted by Get Lenses, over £75 million a year is being wasted by contact lens wearers in the UK who are not taking advantage of the discounts they may receive on the internet.

Michael Kraftman, a spokesman for the organisation, told the Daily Mail: "It is hard to understand why 80 per cent of consumers still turn to high street brands rather than going online when the price differential is so big."

He said that the savings made could potentially be put towards things such as eye tests to help protect people's vision further.

Recently, a post on popular-hobbies.info said that coloured contact lenses should only be bought from a registered supplier after first being prescribed by an optician or other eye professional, such as an ophthalmologist.

by Martin Burns

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