BCLA predicts "difficult year"

BCLA predicts "difficult year"

By Martin Burns

A difficult 2011 has been predicted for the eye industry by the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA), though the development of contact lenses will continue to thrive, the organisation believes.

According to Optician Online, the BCLA president Shelly Bansal said that the industry will be hoping for an upturn in the economy so that patients can "feel comfortable about their spending power".

He added: "Practitioners who embrace these new products, and then promote them to their patients will be more likely to be successful."

Meanwhile, Simon Rodwell, secretary general of the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers, told the website that he expects competition in the contact lenses market to intensify, which will lead to greater value for money for wearers.

It comes after a report published by Global Data, entitled Vision Care (Contact Lenses and Spectacle Lenses) - Global Pipeline Analysis, Opportunity Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2016, showed that the contact lens sector is now worth $2.3 billion (£1.47 billion) and is expected to overtake glasses lenses by 2016.

by Adrian Galbreth

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