Contact lenses "can change children"s lives"

Contact lenses "can change children"s lives"

Children"s lives can be transformed through wearing contact lenses, according to one boy with personal experience.

Michael Davis, 13, said that he has been wearing contact lenses for over a year and has found that they make his everyday activities much simpler, from looking at textbooks at school to taking part in sports.

He has been wearing special overnight contact lenses for some time which reshape the eye and help to combat the degenerative effects of myopia – something which was caused him problems at one point but does not anymore.

"I think my lenses are amazing because I don"t have to wear glasses anymore and I can even last a couple of days without wearing them and still see. I can also play rugby much easier, as well as baseball and tennis," he explained.

A recent article on NewsMax.com noted that one of the single biggest myths about contact lenses is that they are not suitable for children.

by Emily Tait

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