Technology use "may be increasing myopia diagnoses"

Technology use "may be increasing myopia diagnoses"

An increase in diagnoses of myopia among children may be down to the increased use of technology involving digital screens, according to one sector body.

The National Eye Institute has noted that an increase in the use of smartphones, tablets and handheld video game consoles could be a reason why many more youngsters are developing the condition than 20 years ago.

In addition, more time being spent indoors using electronic equipment for amusement means that children are being exposed to less natural sunlight and so their eyes are not encountering various light settings, which is essential to healthy vision.

A report by the organisation shows that approximately 25 per cent of US citizens were diagnosed with myopia between 1971 and 1972, but this rose to 41.6 per cent between 1999 and 2004.

Recently, teen gymnast Jordyn Swenson told ABCLocal.com that she has begun wearing contact lenses as she has myopia and the products help her to focus on objects which are far away.

by Martin Burns

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