Visual decline "a major hazard"

Visual decline "a major hazard"

Declining vision in older people represents a major hazard, particularly among motorists, according to one industry expert.

Dr Stuart Richer, director of ocular preventive medicine and associate professor of family and preventive medicine at the James A Lovell Federal Health Facility in north Chicago, Illinois, said that age-related visual decline is a growing road hazard.

He explained that it is important to develop new methods of restoring vision in this demographic, and pointed to advances in molecular medicine as one potential avenue researchers can turn to.

"We have growing evidence that through molecular medicine, lost vision can be restored, sufficient to help senior adults maintain an active lifestyle, which includes driving an automobile," he noted.

According to recent advice issued by road safety group GEM Motoring Assist, one of the key precautions people can take to safeguard themselves is by wearing the correct prescription contact lenses or glasses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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