Buying contact lenses online "is much more cost effective"

Buying contact lenses online "is much more cost effective"

By Martin Burns

It is far more cost effective to buy contact lenses online than to trawl the high street for them, according to one expert

Brendan O'Brien, an in-house optometrist at Get Lenses, said that huge savings can be made if people go online to buy their contact lenses, with reductions of up to 90 per cent often being available.

He noted that, in total, Brits are wasting £77 million a year on buying contact lenses from the high street rather than going online – something he said needs to be addressed in 2010.

"It's partly habit, but mainly ignorance. People need reassurance that cutting costs in eyecare doesn't need to involve cutting corners," the expert pointed out.

Michael Kraftman, a spokesman for Get Lenses, recently told the Daily Mail that savings made through purchasing contact lenses online rather than in a shop could potentially be put towards things such as eye tests to help protect people's vision further.

by Martin Burns

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