Circle contact lenses "a bad idea"

Circle contact lenses "a bad idea"

By Emily Tait

Investing in so-called circle contact lenses which dramatically change a person's appearance is not a good idea, one expert has warned.

Dr Melanie Pickett, assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at Indiana University's School of Medicine, said that the look popularised by Lady Gaga in the music video for her song Bad Romance has seen thousands of people buy large circular lenses online.

However, the look achieved by Gaga was done through computer-generated imagery and Dr Pickett said that consumers need to be aware of the dangers associated with these lenses, which are mostly illegal.

"If they're not fit properly, they can induce sight-threatening complications, such as abnormal blood vessel growth in the cornea," she added.

Further eye safety advice was recently issued in a post on the American Profile website which said that people need to have regular eye checks to keep their vision in good condition.

by Emily Tait

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